Theory of the problem

The challenges in Ethiopia's education system are multifaceted. Lack of basic educational infrastructure, families and communities having competing priorities, English language problems that follow students to high school and beyond, and so forth. That said, one of the biggest challenges in Ethiopia‘s education system, especially in poorer and rural communities, is the lack of qualified teachers. Ethiopia’s best and brightest don’t want to be teachers, and those who do rarely last long. Today, teachers are mostly selected from poor-performing students: those who graduate Grade 10 in the top 30% or so go on to Grade 11; those in the tier below join the police; the rest who pass can go to teacher training college. In addition, the teaching profession does not garner the respect it deserves and teachers feel trapped with limited potential to grow in their profession and beyond.

Accordingly, we believe that the following are the main root causes contributing to the quality and equity challenges in Ethiopia's Education System:


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